Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Horse Whisperer" Collage In Progress: Part 5

I've got the background laid down and I'm weaving black through the picture. I'm not sure about the man's face, though. The papyrus is a bit light, making him look rather ghostlike. I like how the threads of the papyrus come out at the mouth (an accident...or was it? Carl Jung might call this synchronicity or a calling from the deep unconscious or "imago ignota" (unknown image: all the antecendets we are born with that are not/cannot be articulated verbally). Anyway, it happened spontaneously, and made me think of a "horse whisperer".


Anonymous said...

In reading about Carl Jung I came about your blog. How exciting for me to find another artist that aside from using same website host :)
understands what it is to come "full circle". I enjoyed looking at your work and reading about "Horse Whisperer" because I can identify very deeply with "imago ignota".
I wonder if he had a name for an "imago ignota" painting that fortells future events. It just gets very exciting.
I lived in CA for 18 years, (Pasadena and Yorba Linda). If you are ever Near Houston call me.

nubia gala said...

I am the artist in Houston just wrote about "imago ignota"
my name is Nubia Gala