Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Painting With Passion" Workshop with Ursula O'Farrell

In late November, I attended a two day workshop on abstract figurative oil painting given by Ursula O'Farrell. Ursula taught us (a group of twelve artists) about working with a premixed palette, which greatly facilitated one's ability to paint quickly from 5 and 15 minute poses! The workshop was so intense, I was literally dripping in sweat by the end of the day (like the guy in "Broadcast News"!). We were definitely in a state of flow, looking up and wondering where the hours went at the end of the day. There was such good energy and creative leaps that several of us want to continue painting together!

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Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love your work with Ursula. I saw "rachel" on your web site as well as the blog and assume you did this with Ursula. Really wonderful and beautiful work -kim