Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Fabulous Day At The Palo Alto Baylands

The California Academy of Painters had another fabulous day at the Palo Alto Baylands! We started our spring quarter under the guidance of two extraordinary artists and teachers: Brigitte Curt and Jim Smythe. The day was clear and sunny and with no clouds to speak of. Being artists, we took artistic license and painted in clouds to our hearts' content! Master artist and teacher, Jim Smythe, discusses the concept of the division of space ("where is it? what is it doing?"), rhythmn, color harmony, and so forth. Included are the two 6"x8" studies I painted today, and a view of the baylands.

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Fred Bell said...

It was great to look through your blog. I like your work very much. How did you stick those three little canvases to your easel? Fred